Monday, 28 April 2014

How to get: Big Bouncy Curls!

Today I thought I would share a hair style post with you!

This is how I typically like to wear my hair on a night out and I always get so many compliments on it and, usually have my friends asking me to do their hair like it. So here it is:

All I did was section off my hair starting from the underneath -using pretty chunky sections, used my enrapture totem curler on setting 1,2,3 (I'll be honesty I usually never change the setting!) did this all over my head, except when I got to the top parts of my head I pulled it tighter into the scalp to give it more 'oomph'! then I curled my fringe bits in smaller chunks in order to get the more dramatic curl. I left it to cool then ran my fingers through to curls to sort of 'clump them together' and loosen them. Some hair spray (this is my all-time favourite! Lasts SO long -incredible for the price.) Some shine spray and we're done! I didn't even have to back-comb my hair :)

What do you think of my big, bouncy hair?
Also any thoughts on the enrapture totem curler?

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Bonney xo  

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Face of the Day: Rose Gold Eyes!

Welcome back!

Today's look is a little different for me as I'm not one to branch away from gold/brown eye shadow shades... or at least I wasn't until I met the naked 3 palette! In case you hadn't guessed, I am OBSESSED with the latest addition to the UD naked family. I'm still experimenting so hence all of my looks lately have been achieved using this palette.

I felt as it's now spring it was time I used some different colours and copper/rose gold is never usually one I reach for but I actually love this look, it really works well for those who have green eyes and my eyes are mainly green and I did notice that these colours really made them pop and stand out :) (once again I had trouble getting pictures that really did the eye look justice, sowwy guys) here are some pictures of my creation:

the eyes were actually a lot more metallic and sparkly but the photo's didn't really pick that up, so lets just use our imaginations for now ;) it still looks super pretty in the pictures though so it's a start!

what I used:
Urban decay naked 3 palette
transition shade: limit
all over shade: burnout 
on top: trick (had to use fix+ as this shade is VERY chunky and gives loads of fall out)
crease: nooner
outer corner and crease to add depth: mugshot
inner corner and brow highlight: emite makeup in NECT (I think, it's not very clear on the packaging) then over top- shroom by MAC! 
Autograph gel eye liner
l'oreal telescopic mascara
lips: mac prep and prime, hue & creme cup over top
bronzer: mac refined golden
blush: benefit cosmetics coralista
highlight: MAC in for a treat (LE)

I decided to use a nude shaded lipstick in this look to make sure all attention was on the eyes, hue is a very yellow/orange based nude so I just swiped a bit of creme cup over the top in order to add a little more colour to my lips.
I also used a coral blush in order to tie it into the orange-y-shades theme! :)

What did you think of this look? Tell me in the comments below! Thanks for reading<3

Love, Bonney xo

Monday, 21 April 2014

Manicure monday: Candy strips

It's Easter Monday, and this week I have been sporting this cute manicure in these lovely spring/summer colours.

Candy stripes, nail art, sinful colors, nail polish, strips, cute, seche vite, Easter nails, Pastel nails, pink nails, green nails, orange nails, yellow nails, models own nail art pen,

With all this lovely sunny weather we have been having, I felt like something bright and cheery on my nails, so I picked 5 bright pastel colours from my sinful color nail polish, and then used my models own white nail art pen to paint stripes on them. 

I had lots of lovely compliments on this manicure which is nice, I like it when people notice you have made a effort.

And topped it all off with a good coat of seche vite - my favourite topcoat.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend with your families and friends.
Why not let  us know what you have been up to in the comments...

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The bodyshop - shimmer cube: Hot pink. (part one)

This is the BodyShop's Shimmer cube palette 26 "hot pink" from their spring collection.

01 garden rose
02 deep fuchsia
03 light coral
04 champagne pink

Their website says:

 "A palette of four subtle iridescent shades to mix and match. Crease-resistant and suitable for contact-lens wearers.
  • Iridescent finish
  • Crease-resistant
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Ophthalmologically tested

the bodyshop, shimmer cube, hot pink, TBS Review

As you can see here, each of the four eye shadow cubes come out of the main cube  separately and has it's own lid, which is both awesome and a pain all at the same time. It does mean that if you have several of these you can mix and match your own palette if you want, or just take one colour with you in your make-up bag. 

the bodyshop, shimmer cube, hot pink, TBS Review

I really like these bodyshop shimmer cube, I have another one in green too.
The colours come out well, but not too bright, so they are good for a
variety of purposes. At the moment this shimmer cube is the front runner for my wedding day eye shadow, although there is still time to change my mind! 

At £16 each they aren't the cheapest eye shadow palette on the market, but there is a lot of product in each of the four cubes, and the quality of the body shop make-up to me is worth it.

I don't have any looks to show you guys yet, but as soon as I have a will post a part two so you can see how they look on. 


Friday, 18 April 2014

You beauty discovery box - clayspray review.

It's time for this months You beauty discovery box.

This month was about natural products, I wasn't sure what to pick to start with as natural is a big decided for me when it comes to beauty products. After a little thinking I decided to go for both of the Clayspray face masks - which I didn't think I would be able to do. A little research tells me that the RRP of each mask is £15 for the 30ml spray - while this isn't a "full size" it is a size that you can buy, It makes for a good trail size.

Once again this box was well worth the £6.95 including postage that it costs for the box.

I pretty much ask if my box is here yet every day until it turns up, so to the relief of David it came pretty quickly, and when it did I ripped it open while eating my dinner, and put the mask on as soon a I swallowed my last mouthful I was that excited.

Here is my face during and after, my skin looked better, clearer, and brighter. It did feel a little dry and tight, but that was gone after I moisturised, and the results were entirely worth it. I had a lot of compliments after I used my clayspray mask with people telling me how well I was looking, which was welcome as I had been on lots of long days with early starts

I also smothered it all over David's face and he had the same results as me, and it also made his skin dry and tight after use. 

I love this mask, but I am still undecided if I am going to buy it again, it's £30 for the 75ml and it comes with a water spray which you are meant to use before and after the mask. 

Have you tried any of the Clayspray masks? or is there a better mask I should try? Which beauty box do you subscribe to?


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Face of the day: Dramatic Day Look!

Hi Guys,

welcome back and yes it's another make-up look! This is what I wore to work the other day, I was so pleased with this look I had to share it with you. It's quite dramatic and smoky for the day but I love it! 

I did find it really hard to get good enough pictures as no matter what, the pictures just didn't do it enough justice and show it in all it's glory, I did edit them in order to try and get the colours to show better -but alas I tried my best and here's the snaps I got :)

Tried using a super bright light so that's why I look so ummm... shiny? haha.

Here's what products I used to achieve this look:

eye base: MAC painterly paint pot
Transition shade: limit
all over: strange
on top: liar
crease: nooner (blended)
corner: factory & darkside
lid: bit of buzz
(all urban decay naked 3 palette)
brow & inner corner highlight: MAC shroom
autograph gel eyeliner
l'oreal telescopic mascara
brows: MAC pencil -lingering
bronzer: MAC refined golden
blush: MAC at dusk (LE)
Highlight: MAC shape the future (lighter shade) (LE)
lips: MAC creme cup

MAC's 'at dusk' is a very subtle pink blush that looks so natural on the skin! especially when applied with a stippling brush. I decided to pick the most natual pink blush I had in order to stick with the romantic theme like a natural 'flush' on the cheeks, but then the blush allowed the attention to still be focused on the dramatic eyes. Definitely didn't want anything to harsh for the day time especially with such defined eyes.
I also decided to use MAC creme cup as it's my go-to lipstick that goes with everything. It's definitely a 'my lips but better' lipstick colour so looked perfectly natural as well. 

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you liked this look and let me know what you thought of it!?

Love, Bonney xo

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bodyshop - hair chalk.

This is the bodyshop's hair chalk in tickle me pink.
It's super easy to use, you just place it on your hair where you want it pink, put your thumb on the other side of the hair and run it down the length - tadah! pink hair

It comes out when you wash your hair which is fab, and if you're like me and don't wash your hair everyday you'll have a few days fun, before going back to your normal sensible self. 
The colour fades when you brush your hair so if you want a pastel look brush it a few times before you hit the hair spray.

The colour first comes a little darker than in this picture, but I brushed it through then sprayed it with hair spray and headed out.

I think these hair chalks are the perfect solution to the brightly coloured hair trends for people that have uniform policies to adhere to. Have funky hair for your time off then have a shower and head back to work the same as before! 

The bodyshop all make a blue hair chalk which I think I might have to get! 

what do you think? Do you like the coloured hair trend or do you prefer to keep it natural? 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Manicure Monday: Orange nails

This is a manicure Monday posted on a Tuesday because I have been so busy I haven't been able to schedule a post for yesterday. Sorry

I don't have a huge amount to say about these, but just look how bright they are. They are even brighter in real life. This is a color club nail polish from the poptastic collection This one I think is Wham! Pow! but it doesn't have a name on so I can't be 100%.

Hope you enjoyed this really quick post! I'll try to make next weeks extra special to make up for it.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Collective Haul #2!

Hello again!

It's another collective haul, some bits I've had for a few months now and others I just got today (which is actually the 31st of april) This post will have gone up a few weeks later cause I'm oh so organised and have scheduled this ;) muahahaha. 

ANYWAY! Here's what I've purchased recently:

Zoomed in for a better look

  • Disney's Frozen (eeeeeeek!) Yup, I got it on the day of release, and what?;) 
  • Crest white strips, advanced vivid. (review most likely coming soon as I did mention them in my previous march favourites!)
  • fancy cosmetic buds with cool different shapes on each end
  • Lee Stafford shine head, shine spray for hair
  • Vera Wang Princess 100ml -which I got for a bargain from The Perfume Shop £30 rather than £60!!! 
  • Korres Lip Butter in Guava
  • EOS lip balm (FINALLY found them in the UK thanks to Selfridges) In strawberry sorbet
  • L'oreal false lash flutter in extra black
  • Collection lasting perfection concealer in fair (mentioned in my march favourites)
  • Revlon colorstay for combo/oily skin in buff (about my 100th bottle because I love it soooooooooooo much) 
  • Bourjois healthy mix gel foundation in 51 -light vanilla (I like this for lazy days) 
  • Pur Minerals double ego 2-in-1 mascara in black
  • Enrapture totem curling wand 
  • Rimmel sun shimmer instant tan in medium
  • River island black and white check-like shift dress
  • Primark pink detail chain necklace
  • Primark gold chain necklace
  • Dune Black textured bag (which is the new love of my life<3) 
and that's it for now!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave me any questions about the items in my haul and I will happily answer them!

love, Bonney xo

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Barry M TMLP - turn my lips pink

TMLP or  turn my lips pink by Barry M is something I had wanted for a while, but never decided to buy. One day I was wondering around the beauty section of boots and decided to pick one up for me and my best friend - we loved it so much that her mum ended up buying it too! 

If you haven't heard about Barry M's "Turn my lips pink" before; Then I'm sorry if you want it by the end of this post...

The lipstick it's self is green as you can see above, and although I will call it a lipstick and it's sold with all the lip paints, it doesn't have the texture of a lipstick. The texture is more like that or a lipbalm, but don't let that or the fact that it is green fool you into thinking you won't get much colour from this awesome little stick.
Once you apply this lipstick it start to change colour, it works with the PH levels in your skin, and turns "the right shade of pink for you".

 I have seen this lipstick on a lot of other blogs, and it often turns a light pink and the subtle and very pretty. Not on me! This bad boy goes on super bright, and I love it!

In the top right picture I put lipbalm on first with a little concealer still on my finger, as you can see this resulted in a much paler colour.

TMLP does stain your lips so it does last a long time!! That being said, because it stains you need to apply is carefully, if you slip you'll have a nice pink stain around your mouth. 

I love the fact that its green and get great pleasure from putting it on when people are watching me, it's always a good conversation starter! 

This is currently my go to lipstick when I can;t decide which to wear or when I am in a hurry - which is often! 

Why do you think? Do you fancy giving this lipstick a try?


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Face of the day & Harry Potter Studio Tour!

Hello again!

Okay, so today's post is another FOTD! I LOVE doing these type of posts and I hope you enjoy them too.
Last week we went to Harry Potter Warner Brothers studio tour which is located in Watford near London. It was A-MAAAAAZING! I felt emotional as soon as I walked in because a) I'm a big cry baby and b) WHY HAS IT GOT TO BE OVER :'( *ahem* anyway, I had plenty of travel time in the car to work on my make-up so I made the extra effort; here's what my make-up looked like: 
WOAH CLOSE UP! ;) I went for a romantic eye look with full pink-pout lips! I lined my lips this day (which I'm usually too lazy to do!) which made them look so full and plump so they really tied into the romantic smoky eye look. On the lips I used Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in 063 east-end snob; then MAC creme cup all over!
I used my naked 3 palette on the eyes, I used MAC paint pot in painterly as a base. My editing has made it look like I had harsh lines but I promise in real life there was no harsh lines, I'm a blend-aholic!  
Here's a better look at the eyes. I'm so pleased with how they turned out :)
For the rest of the face I used:
Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination/oily skin in Buff
MAC pro-longwear concealer in NC15
MAC translucent powder to set under eyes
MAC brow pencil in lingering
Autograph (M&S) Gel eye liner in black (MY NEW LOVE!!)
L'oreal telescopic mascara in black
MAC refined golden bronzer
Two Faced perfect flush blush in candy glow
MAC veronica's blush as a highlight (just the pale colour) 
-I'm not a MAC-aholic I swear ;)

I think that's it for makeup! (hope I haven't forgot anything) and now to share just a couple of snaps from my harry potter day out :)

Butterbeer! mmmm! not my hand by the way!
My souvenirs! Guide book and time turner keyring

Hermione's gorgeous ball dress<3
The casts dressing table -I spotted MAC items ;) 

It was such a lovely day, what made it even better was there were loads of people there that have travelled from different countries to come see this! It was so nice as even american's were there and america have all the good stuff such as disney world, harry potter LAND, universal lands etc etc! (yes I am jelly-bean of you lucky people hehe) So was nice we had something special that people travelled to Britain to come and see :)

Thanks for reading!
Love, Bonney xo

Monday, 7 April 2014

Manicure monday: Pink and green dots

I love this design, I did it a few summers ago, and haven't done it since but I don't know why! 

I did these cute pink and green dotty nails with sinful colors cream pink and rise & shine.
I love this sinful colors nail polish, it's a bargain at £1.99 a bottle and the quality is fab for such a great price. I often pick them up when boots have a 3 for 2 offer on. I have about 50 of the colours now, but I will keep growing m collection as long as they keep having great colours and a great formula. 

I don't really have a whole lot else to say about this manicure, I hope you like it! 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Review: REN glycolactic radiance renewal mask

I picked up the ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask back around Christmas time it came in a gift set with some other bits - while that set is no longer available the mask is for £30 from here.

What they say: 
"A potent bio active peel mask designed to renew the complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone." 

As you can see from my photos, this Ren Glycolactic radiance mask has a slight orange tint, but what you can't see in the picture is the smell! It smells very orangey I guess the best description for the smell is marmalade.

Here's how it works, you apply the orange gel like mask all over your face in a generous layer, I use 2-3 pumps for my whole face, you leave it around 10mins and then wash it off with warm water using the muslin cloth supplied in the box, and that it! Simple huh?

While you leave it the mask on you face, and sit back and relax for 10mins the little enzymes in this eat away at the top layer of dead skin, leave you with fresh, radiant skin underneath.

Did it work? 
There is no denying that my skin look a little better after using this mask, but did people go out of their way to tell me how great I was looking? No. That being said I think with realistic expectations of what this mask can do for you, it is a great little product to have in the house, and I still use it every week - every other week. I also like to use it on any breakout that I have as I find it really good to remove redness and swelling.

Will I buy it again? 
 I would, but I don't know if I'd pay £30 for it so I will be waiting until it's on offer.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

March Glossybox 2014


today's post is on my march glossybox! May be a tad delayed at to be honest, they were shipped out quite late :(
I won't be reviewing them yet as I haven't had the opportunity to test everything out fully yet.

Here's what I got this month:
I did get a dove hair treatment shot but I used it so it's not pictured. Sowwy!
close up of sleek lip polish & bellapierre shimmer powder
In my box I got:

  • Mitchell and Peach body cream -40ml
  • Sleek make-up pout polish -FULL SIZE, chocolate kiss
  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd shimmer powder -FULL SIZE, Deja Vous (beautiful as an eyeshadow)
  • Vita Liberata 2-3 week tan lotion -Sachet x2
  • Dove hair therapy 60 second repair shot (not pictured) -FULL SIZE 
  • eyelashes by Oldora(?) I think -B123. I have to be honest here, I got these in last months box and accidentally included them in this post (LOL oopsie!!) That's me being disorganised so apologies but still, they were from glossybox!! Ha Ha!
overall I was satisfied with this box, wasn't the best one I've had but wasn't the worst either :)
would have rather the sleek pout polish was in a different colour but meh! I'll get over it. I also feel that a dove repair shot (which cost 99p in my supermarket) was a bit meh but at least it was something I knew I would use -and I did! My favourite was the shimmer powder by bellapierre as it's such a gorgeous colour and I know I will use it!

Thanks for reading, stop by again soon!

Love, Bonney xo

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Favourites 2014!


it's the beginning of April -Already?!!!? so that means it's time for some monthly favourites :D

here's what I've been loving this month:
close up: MAC paint pot, autograph (M&S) gel eyeliner
  • Detergent for puff and sponge -brush cleaner: I read about this on someone's blog (can't remember who's sorry!) and had to try it! It is Japanese (I think?) so it isn't available in the UK but did manage to get it on eBay. I read it was brilliant for getting Revlon Colorstay out of foundation brushes particularly the sigma F80 and boy-oh-boy they weren't wrong! It is the ONLY thing that will clean my foundation brush quickly & easily.
  • H2o+ face oasis mist: I use this after applying my makeup -particularly my foundation as it takes away that dry, cakey, orange-peel look makes the foundation blend into your skin rather than sit on the surface and gives a lovely light dewy glow. Could never be without this product, I can't recommend it enough! I even told Jess that she HAD to buy it and she even now carries it around in her handbag haha! :P
  • Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse Youth & radiance revealing fluid: This is usually categorised as a serum but really it can be used as or alongside a serum or even just a moisturiser. It has so many uses! It essentially 're-charges' the skin so is good to use at night and you wake up with glowing skin, the tone looks so even and refreshed. You can even use it before make-up in the morning and it really does make you look so radiant and healthy! -Not to mention the INCREDIBLE smell, it sort of reminds me of those little fruit salad sweeties.. mmm!  This combined with my Skyn Nordic Peels have changed my skin-life<3 
  • Skyn Nordic Skin Peels: As just mentioned these have changed my life! I actually picked these up as a recommendation from Jess and I am IN LOVE with them. They are an exfoliator hence the name 'skin peel' but you use them everyday after cleansing but before moisturising etc.. They have improved my skins appearance, texture, pigmentation -the lot. BIG FAN. I think there will be a review on these from both me and Jess coming up very soon!
  • Autograph (M&S) Gel Eye-liner: Does what it says on the tin! Stays in place, glides on amazing as it's not too gluey and thick it's just so easy to work with and has made me fall in love with gel eye-liner.
  • MAC paint pot in Painterly: okay, who doesn't rave about this!? So I decided to jump on the band wagon too. It's great, holds eye-shadow in place, makes them more pigmented, doesn't budge and is actually nice to use even if you aren't wearing eye-shadow to cover up any redness and veins you have.
  • Crest 3D white strips Advanced Vivid: As these aren't sold in the UK I finally managed to get my hands on them (YAY). They really have made me teeth whiter -and by a couple of shades at least! (Full review coming soon :)
  • Collection Lasting perfection concealer: (Fair) Yup, late on the bandwagon with this one too! But I haven't even been using it a month and I can see why everyone loves it. Such a great product for the price! It definitely rivals my MAC pro-long wear concealer (I do still love that one too though) it's just more of an everyday version. Quicker to blend, not as thick and really good for blemishes.
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 palette: This has taught me to love eye-shadows again and I thank it! It's what I've been reaching for everyday, such gorgeous colours and also nice for me to have a change from gold/bronze colours and branch out to the pink-y shades for once (after all pink is my favourite colour!!)
and that's it for my March favourites! Hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know what your march favourites were and also if you have any recommendations for me!

Love, Bonney xo

MUA Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow palette.

Back in my very brief mini haul post, I showed you a quick snap of some of the things I had picked up. One of them was this eye shadow palette: 

MUA's PRETTY EDGY part of their LUXE range. I don't like to do much shopping online, and our superdrug is pretty small here, so on my trip to Birmingham I discovered this beautiful palette but there were no testers, so I was faced with a dilemma. Who am I kidding - it was so pretty with it's studded lid that I instantly knew I had to have it.. So, here it is! 

MUA pretty edgy eyeshadow palette, makeup, eyeshadow palette,
MUA pretty edgy eyeshaow palette, colours, eye shadow

We have 10 shades here, 6 shimmery, and 4 matte. On the back of the Palette it says "..pretty romance with a twist of Gothic grunge.." which I love the sound of, and I think these colours really make you feel that vibe.
The eye shadows in this palette are really beautiful to use, but it's hard to tell how well they blend from just a swatch, so I will also post some pictures of them is use at the end of the post. 
MUA pretty edgy eyeshaow palette swatches

the first three colours I would say are high light colours, I have also used Antique over other eye shadows to give them a nice shimmer. Then you have three shimmer shades that are more intense, great for all over colour, and lastly you have the four matte shades. I have read some people are disappointed with the pigmentation of the matte shades, I certainly wasn't - here they have been swatched with one swipe of my finger, on to a bare hand, no primer... and I think they are fab!
This is my first look with this Palette, I used envy around my lashes, and smudged it upwards then blended lace over the top. I finished with some black kohl eyeliner on my waterline to make the look more intense.

All the colours blend so well, I had no issues with fall out at all although I do tend to do my eye first when doing a strong look so I can clean up the edges. All in all - for £8 I'm pretty happy, with my pretty edgy palette. 


Monday, 31 March 2014

Collective Haul!

Here's my first collective haul! 
I just love seeing other peoples hauls, so thought I'd do one myself. I don't actually shop a lot so like to save up all my little splurges up into collective hauls so these posts will usually consist of items I've bought over a period of months. Hope you enjoy!! 

naked 3 palette in all it's glory!

MAC Snapdragon, MAC painterly paintpot, MAC eyebrow pencil in lingering

I picked up:
  • The Bobbi Brown makeup manual -From the few chapters I've read I love it! I just need more time to sit down and read it.
  • The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (FINALLY)
  • MAC prep+prime highlighter in radiant rose
  • MAC eyebrow pencil in Lingering
  • MAC lipstick in Snapdragon (LE) From fantasy of flowers collection
  • MAC blush in at dusk (LE)
  • MAC paint pot in painterly
  • MAC eye shadow in Shroom
  • MAC mineralize skin finish in scene to be seen
  • Autograph (Marks and spencer) Gel eye liner in black
Thanks for reading! If you would like any additional swatches just let me know! Will most likely review a few of these items in the future anyway :)

love, Bonney xo

Manicure Monday: Wedding nail ideas.

Wedding season is fast approaching, and while normally people may not pay attention to their nails, but with everyone's eyes on your new ring people are going to be looking at your hands more than ever on your wedding day.

As I am always doing my nails, probably the question I get asked the most about the wedding is "how are you going to have your nails?" I have changed my mind a million times in the 9 month is have been wedding planning, and I am sure I will change it again before the big day comes in 12 weeks time.

Here are some nails I wore over the weekend, and thought I'd try out something not too daring.
I used twilight teaser -17 which I think is a discontinued shade (but I'm not sure) and Maybelline colour show in knitted gold.

I love the over all look of this manicure, but as I am not wearing a white dress this pink is a little on the blue side for me, but I love the gold. it has rose gold glitter in it which warms up the colour. 

As normal I can't comment on the wear of the nail polishes as I wear them for short periods of time normally, although i am wearing them on press on nails, so they won't chip ever. 

How did you wear your nails, would you go daring or plain for your wedding? Let us know below! 


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Jessica's monthly update: March.

March 2014..

Want to see what I have been up to this month? Check out some of the photos I have been taking.

So as you can see, I have been busy this month:
  • I went to see we are scientists Three! times.
  • I saw Maximo park in Oxford.
  • I did quite a bit of shopping.
  • It was pancake day at the beginning of the month.
  • We had some sunshine, so I got my summer wedges out.
  • I tried some new recipes including Paleo brownies.
  • I picked up a cute skirt/dress in forever 21.
  • We also started this blog! 

That has been my March - I've had a great time, and I hope you guys have too. Why not let us know what you have been up to?