Monday, 31 March 2014

Manicure Monday: Wedding nail ideas.

Wedding season is fast approaching, and while normally people may not pay attention to their nails, but with everyone's eyes on your new ring people are going to be looking at your hands more than ever on your wedding day.

As I am always doing my nails, probably the question I get asked the most about the wedding is "how are you going to have your nails?" I have changed my mind a million times in the 9 month is have been wedding planning, and I am sure I will change it again before the big day comes in 12 weeks time.

Here are some nails I wore over the weekend, and thought I'd try out something not too daring.
I used twilight teaser -17 which I think is a discontinued shade (but I'm not sure) and Maybelline colour show in knitted gold.

I love the over all look of this manicure, but as I am not wearing a white dress this pink is a little on the blue side for me, but I love the gold. it has rose gold glitter in it which warms up the colour. 

As normal I can't comment on the wear of the nail polishes as I wear them for short periods of time normally, although i am wearing them on press on nails, so they won't chip ever. 

How did you wear your nails, would you go daring or plain for your wedding? Let us know below! 


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