Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Feeling a little 80's

Guess what guys!? I love the 80's!

I wanted a 80's look that was wearable without being to 'fancy-dress'. This look was for me, all about the eyes, and with them being so strong I kept the skin as flawless as I could with very little bronzer, and just a light dusting a of beautiful pink high lighter on the cheeks and the lips pale nude.

Although it doesn't show very well in these photo I have a bright pink eye shadow going on - which I should mention I am loving at the moment. I teamed it with heavy black eyeliner all the way down the the inner corner where I made sure the top liner (liquid) and the bottom liner (kohl) met.  I also went for a small flick at the outer corner. On top of that I used an awful lot of mascara (which is the norm for me.)

 I hope you enjoy this look! See you soon...

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