Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Barry M TMLP - turn my lips pink

TMLP or  turn my lips pink by Barry M is something I had wanted for a while, but never decided to buy. One day I was wondering around the beauty section of boots and decided to pick one up for me and my best friend - we loved it so much that her mum ended up buying it too! 

If you haven't heard about Barry M's "Turn my lips pink" before; Then I'm sorry if you want it by the end of this post...

The lipstick it's self is green as you can see above, and although I will call it a lipstick and it's sold with all the lip paints, it doesn't have the texture of a lipstick. The texture is more like that or a lipbalm, but don't let that or the fact that it is green fool you into thinking you won't get much colour from this awesome little stick.
Once you apply this lipstick it start to change colour, it works with the PH levels in your skin, and turns "the right shade of pink for you".

 I have seen this lipstick on a lot of other blogs, and it often turns a light pink and the subtle and very pretty. Not on me! This bad boy goes on super bright, and I love it!

In the top right picture I put lipbalm on first with a little concealer still on my finger, as you can see this resulted in a much paler colour.

TMLP does stain your lips so it does last a long time!! That being said, because it stains you need to apply is carefully, if you slip you'll have a nice pink stain around your mouth. 

I love the fact that its green and get great pleasure from putting it on when people are watching me, it's always a good conversation starter! 

This is currently my go to lipstick when I can;t decide which to wear or when I am in a hurry - which is often! 

Why do you think? Do you fancy giving this lipstick a try?


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