Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Favourites 2014!


it's the beginning of April -Already?!!!? so that means it's time for some monthly favourites :D

here's what I've been loving this month:
close up: MAC paint pot, autograph (M&S) gel eyeliner
  • Detergent for puff and sponge -brush cleaner: I read about this on someone's blog (can't remember who's sorry!) and had to try it! It is Japanese (I think?) so it isn't available in the UK but did manage to get it on eBay. I read it was brilliant for getting Revlon Colorstay out of foundation brushes particularly the sigma F80 and boy-oh-boy they weren't wrong! It is the ONLY thing that will clean my foundation brush quickly & easily.
  • H2o+ face oasis mist: I use this after applying my makeup -particularly my foundation as it takes away that dry, cakey, orange-peel look makes the foundation blend into your skin rather than sit on the surface and gives a lovely light dewy glow. Could never be without this product, I can't recommend it enough! I even told Jess that she HAD to buy it and she even now carries it around in her handbag haha! :P
  • Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse Youth & radiance revealing fluid: This is usually categorised as a serum but really it can be used as or alongside a serum or even just a moisturiser. It has so many uses! It essentially 're-charges' the skin so is good to use at night and you wake up with glowing skin, the tone looks so even and refreshed. You can even use it before make-up in the morning and it really does make you look so radiant and healthy! -Not to mention the INCREDIBLE smell, it sort of reminds me of those little fruit salad sweeties.. mmm!  This combined with my Skyn Nordic Peels have changed my skin-life<3 
  • Skyn Nordic Skin Peels: As just mentioned these have changed my life! I actually picked these up as a recommendation from Jess and I am IN LOVE with them. They are an exfoliator hence the name 'skin peel' but you use them everyday after cleansing but before moisturising etc.. They have improved my skins appearance, texture, pigmentation -the lot. BIG FAN. I think there will be a review on these from both me and Jess coming up very soon!
  • Autograph (M&S) Gel Eye-liner: Does what it says on the tin! Stays in place, glides on amazing as it's not too gluey and thick it's just so easy to work with and has made me fall in love with gel eye-liner.
  • MAC paint pot in Painterly: okay, who doesn't rave about this!? So I decided to jump on the band wagon too. It's great, holds eye-shadow in place, makes them more pigmented, doesn't budge and is actually nice to use even if you aren't wearing eye-shadow to cover up any redness and veins you have.
  • Crest 3D white strips Advanced Vivid: As these aren't sold in the UK I finally managed to get my hands on them (YAY). They really have made me teeth whiter -and by a couple of shades at least! (Full review coming soon :)
  • Collection Lasting perfection concealer: (Fair) Yup, late on the bandwagon with this one too! But I haven't even been using it a month and I can see why everyone loves it. Such a great product for the price! It definitely rivals my MAC pro-long wear concealer (I do still love that one too though) it's just more of an everyday version. Quicker to blend, not as thick and really good for blemishes.
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 palette: This has taught me to love eye-shadows again and I thank it! It's what I've been reaching for everyday, such gorgeous colours and also nice for me to have a change from gold/bronze colours and branch out to the pink-y shades for once (after all pink is my favourite colour!!)
and that's it for my March favourites! Hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know what your march favourites were and also if you have any recommendations for me!

Love, Bonney xo

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