Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bodyshop - hair chalk.

This is the bodyshop's hair chalk in tickle me pink.
It's super easy to use, you just place it on your hair where you want it pink, put your thumb on the other side of the hair and run it down the length - tadah! pink hair

It comes out when you wash your hair which is fab, and if you're like me and don't wash your hair everyday you'll have a few days fun, before going back to your normal sensible self. 
The colour fades when you brush your hair so if you want a pastel look brush it a few times before you hit the hair spray.

The colour first comes a little darker than in this picture, but I brushed it through then sprayed it with hair spray and headed out.

I think these hair chalks are the perfect solution to the brightly coloured hair trends for people that have uniform policies to adhere to. Have funky hair for your time off then have a shower and head back to work the same as before! 

The bodyshop all make a blue hair chalk which I think I might have to get! 

what do you think? Do you like the coloured hair trend or do you prefer to keep it natural? 

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